Our Vision


Our Vision is to enhance our market out so as cover maximum Geographical area in India in field of Geo-technical and Related Civil Engineering Design, Investigation and Consultancy Services.


Our Mission


Perform and Provide Professional services in our areas of competence to best of our ability in a time bound manner at an economic Value without compromising integrity and quality.


Our Ethics


Geo-Engineering Company believes that Professional Ethics forms the framework on which sound business thrives. Our code of ethics is

To Obey and support statutory regulations framed by statutory authority and as applicable to our Business activities  
To collectively work by implementing the best possible work practices and provide practical solutions for benefit of mankind and society at large  
To Respect and recognise Human Rights  
To give importance to Health Safety and welfare of public  as well as its Work force  
To commit to highest standard of professional conduct without resorting to fraudulent and unfair trade practices / by conflict of interest  
Avoid undesirable harm and hazard to environment, life , health and other rights of fellow human beings  
Aim for continual improvement of knowledge of all our Team members in field of Geotechnical and related Civil Engineering through sharing of work experiences  
  Our Services  

Geo Technical Investigation




Ground Anchors


Pile Foundations


Ground Improvements


Slope Protection



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